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Cellular Shades

Soft, beautiful Cellular Shades provide energy efficiency and sound absorption to make any room in your client’s home more comfortable and cozy.

* Cellular Shades soft spun lace and blackout fabric including Garden Retreat, Facets, Nuance, Elegant Neutrals, Cocoon, Solitude and Scroll.

* Soft point – bond and blackout fabric including Cellular Shades DayDream, Watercolor Linen, Translucence, Privacy, innocence and Purist

* Three Cellular Shades sizes – 3/8” double cell, 3/8” single cell, and 3/4” single cell

* Five Cellular Shades operating systems – standard cord, continuous loop, cordless, motorized and Grader Slide – Vue

* A variety of options for Cellular Shades include Top down/ bottom up corded, top down/ bottom up cordless, arches, special shape and much more

* Cellular Shades also come in continuous material widths up to 144” (select styles) for wide windows

* This produce, Cellular Shades, satisfy 3 points, energy efficiency, privacy, illumination of room.

Inside Mount

When mounting blinds or shades inside the window casing or frame.

1. Simply measure the width and length in three different places. (Inside drywall or frame to frame)
2. It is only necessary to give the smallest of the three widths and the longest of the three lengths to the closest 1/8” of an inch.
3. Enter exactly what your window frame measures, Take NO deductions.
4. Ensure you have enough window depth.

The factory will take proper deductions to the width of each inside mount blind to insure proper fit in the window.

Outside Mount

When mounting blinds or shades outside the window casing.

1. Simply measure the width and length of the window in three places.
2. Remember it’s only necessary to give the measurement to the nearest 1/8” of an inch.
3. For Horizontal/Vertical Blinds – You may want to add extra inches to the width and length measurements to ensure proper window coverage. Ex: For Horizontal Blinds add ~ 3 inches to both width and length. For Vertical Blinds ~ 4 inches to the width and ~ 3 inches to the length.