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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds, available with both vinyl and fabric louver, are a sleek, sophisticated window treatment that give patio door and large windows drama and dimension while maintaining privacy and light control.

* Durable Vertical Blinds vinyl louver offer superior light control and are easy to clean
* Fabric Vertical Blinds louvers are available as free hanging or inserted into channel panels
* Choice of Vertical Blinds Head rail – aluminum G – 71 super – vue with pantograph spacing, aluminum G – 98 ultra – vue with self – aligning carriers, and steel G – 85 Dura – vue
* Finish the look with three valance and two cornice options including colors that coordinate with Wood Blinds and Cellular Shades
* Vertical Blinds are to direct sunlight and look great in contemporary settings

Inside Mount

When mounting blinds or shades inside the window casing or frame.

1. Simply measure the width and length in three different places. ( Inside drywall or frame to frame)
2. It is only necessary to give the smallest of the three widths and the longest of the three lengths to the closest 1/8” of an inch.
3. Enter exactly what your window frame measures, Take NO deductions.
4. Ensure you have enough window depth.

The factory will take proper deductions to the width of each inside mount blind to insure proper fit in the window.

Outside Mount

When mounting blinds or shades outside the window casing.

1. Simply measure the width and length of the window in three places.
2. Remember it’s only necessary to give the measurement to the nearest 1/8” of an inch.
3. For Horizontal/Vertical Blinds – You may want to add extra inches to the width and length measurements to ensure proper window coverage. Ex: For Horizontal Blinds add ~ 3 inches to both width and length. For Vertical Blinds ~ 4 inches to the width and ~ 3 inches to the length.

* The factory will take NO deductions on outside mount blinds or shades. You MUST add for overlaps.

* NOTE – Always measure Width x Height *